Sunday, October 08, 2006

fallen leaves

did the shop ride saturday morning - first ride of any real distance in quite a while. I'd forgotten how much I like those rides - get up, putter around the house and get ready, roll out to the shop nice 'n' easy - these days, rolling out at 7:15 means dawn, means watching the sun come up while st. paul wakes quietly - sitting quietly outside the shop feeling yourself slowly emerge from grogginess, listening to others - morning people, if you know what i mean - chat it up, tell bad jokes, catch up a little. and then someone says, "let's go," and you do, and if you're like i was yesterday, there're about fifty times in the first hour alone that you think, "well, i could peel off and ride home easy," but you don't, and you find little ways to tuck in, save energy, keep up, recuperate from the hard efforts - yesterday i followed a tandem up a hill because i knew the downhill would bring me right back to the front. and it did. and then it's been 2 hours and you're going to make it and you're wheeling up the path at ft. snelling watching the wheels in front of you swirl through the fallen leaves and you can't see the pavement and it looks like the bikes are floating, and you get a leaf stuck in your wheel and it clicks along just like a baseball card when you were ten. and the sun's on your neck and you remember the joy of riding your banana-seat fat-wheeler - freedom, effort, speed - and it's really no different from the spandex-covered joy of today, zipping along and over and through fallen leaves...


At 5:41 PM, Blogger Lej said...

Take it all in, and keep the mental images going. I miss those rides.


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