Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sunday mornin'...

Mairin Maxine Smith
8/27/06 @ 7:33 am
7 lbs. 12 oz.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

two for the laughter...

first, Super-Rookie's SO Sarah provides a truly classic race report, right down to "pimpin' at the line": http://www.super-rookie.com/main/?p=252

and second--well, let's just say, we could all use this lesson, but very few of us could put it like mr t: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvSCZpZpww8

Sunday, August 06, 2006

one week later...

...and i'm coming aloing nicely, thanks. I'm itching like a madman wallowing in poison ivy, which everyone assures me is a great sign (grrrr). I'm now an expert on bandages, and can tell you that the transparent adhesive bandages are great for this kind of thing, and that the J&J version (bioclusive) adheres better than the 3M version (tegaderm). According to the packaging, both can be worn up to a week, and showers are okay. I found that they lost some adherence with each washing, but they still beat the hell out of any ol' standard bandage setup. And I haven't tried wearing any of them longer than 3 days--frankly, they get a little ripe after two days. But yesterday, when I peeled off about eight of them, there was this perfect little layer of pink skin, so I guess they're doing their job.

Ten more truths about the aftermath of a crash like mine:

1) You think things like, "well, it's just some abrasions--I'll be fine to do x, or y." And you're wrong--as many have reminded me this week, the skin is an organ--the largest in your body--and it takes a lot of energy to repair. Which leaves not much energy for anything else. Work--right out. Chores--sorry, honey. Shopping--not really.

2) Good, deep, restful sleep--fuggedaboutit. You're either shifting to uncomfortable positions to avoid causing yourself pain, or you drift off to sleep, move around a little, and wake yourself grinding your teeth in pain. I look more like a sleep-deprived raccoon than usual--and for those of you who know me, you'll know that's saying something. Let's just say I'm prone to have bags under my eyes. Hell, Jim R once asked me if I had a shiner--I've never had a freakin' shiner in my life. (There's this one picture of me when I was about ten, taken one summer--I was running around shirtless, playing in the neighborhood, and for some reason didn't have my glasses on. I'm looking straight at he camera, unsmiling, and I have big dark circles under my eyes--I look like I've got the weight of the world on my shoulders. I've always liked the picture for its lack of adornment, even in the form of a smile--and I always think of it when people talk about the carefree nature of childhood--bullshit.)

3) Beer can help you drift off to sleep, but it is not conducive to restful sleep.

4) You touch many more things during the course of a normal day than you ever realize. Like yesterday, I did some vacuuming, and as I maneuvered, more often than not I would brush/bump aginst the cleaner or furniture. After about 15 yelps, I gave up and took a nap. And don't get me started on the dogs, especially the one who'd rather go through you than aruond you.

5) Because of #4, you get very protective of the foot of space on all sides of you--just ask P, who has received more undeserved evil glares from me this week than any faithful, caring, and full-on pregnant partner ever should.

6) Freshly cleaned injuries hurt. A lot.

7) Freshly dressed and covered injuries offer such relief as to make a grown man want to cry.

8) When you walk into your bike shop, which has a long long history with bike racing (and therefore bike-related injuries), and you're the focus of attention, you know you had a crash that might just get talked about in the future--and not just by you.

9) In the not-so-hypothetical-anymore contest of who's more functional, "full-on 9-months pregnant woman" kicks ass all over "recently and badly abraded cyclist." Just in case you were wondering in that Superman vs. Spiderman kind of way.

10) When said full-on 9-months pregnant woman responds to the question of whether she'd prefer if recently and badly abraded cyclist would give up racing like this:

[shrug] "I figure this is just par for the course. I mean, I worry about you, but this is what you do, it makes you happy, and we should just be better prepared for the next time. In fact, I've been thinking about what we need to include in a race first aid kit."

... you know you've got a keeper.

See you on the road--soon.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

recovery: an update

s is shaking and chilled; his recovery is slow and painful.

this morning he told me he's ready to take his bike in for repairs. i think not. diamond, i hear you want to know if i'm ever going to let him out to play again. ha.


check here for a few of the more gory pix.